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Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Fishing?

Inflatable kayaks are all the rage. They’re cheaper, more portable, and a little easier to maneuver than traditional kayaks. However, there’s a problem. They’re inflatable. If they get puncture... [Read more]
July 28, 2022 No Comments

How to Start Your Own Vape Shop

Vaping is a growing industry, and there are many different ways to get in on the action. If you're thinking about starting a vape shop, this is the perfect opportunity! There are many different thing... [Read more]
April 1, 2022 No Comments

The Basics of Calisthenics

The basics of calisthenics are simply pulling and pushing. What we pull is how we work out the body. Whether it's working up a healthy sweat in a fitness class or trying to get a washboard stomach li... [Read more]
May 7, 2021 No Comments

Obstacle Course Race Insider Info

A blog reader asked me about doing a 50K Obstacle Course Race, as someone she knows is training to do this. I understand the excitement around Obstacle Course Races, which is not unlike the thrill yo... [Read more]
March 19, 2021 No Comments