My sponsors and advertisers continually keep telling me that they get a great return on their investment and luckily, or perhaps through hard work, I usually build long term relationships with both. In my opinion, this success is due to the strength of the community spirit among mountain bikers, all of whom rely on each other for information and advice. I have been fortunate enough to have a constant stream of advertisers and sponsors and I work hard for them because I greatly value them. Without sponsors there would be no international mountain biking events or competitions and I would not have had the great career I have enjoyed. Many other mountain bikers agree and I am glad that I get to give something back.

When a business advertises on my website, I ensure that they reap abundant rewards and all of them continually report an increase in revenue. My now very successful blog has 14’000 unique monthly visitors with a keen interest in mountain biking and all things related. Advertisers and sponsors have stemmed from a variety of related product or service supply sectors and have enjoyed greater visitor numbers to their own website and sharply increased sales for their products and services.

Regardless of whether you choose to simply take out an ad on my website or prefer negotiating a long-term sponsorship agreement, I will ensure that your money won’t be wasted. Sponsorship and online advertising have been growing in popularity because they are far more targeted than print media, radio or TV advertising.

After an initial advertising or sponsorship period, I always ask my advertisers and sponsors for feedback, and this is what they have been saying:

  • It’s like having 14’000 New Customers Walk Through the Door: Because all my readers are seeking information, products and services relating to mountain biking, advertisers receive thousands more inquiries, enjoy greater sales and find themselves with thousands of new customers.
  • Easy and Straightforward: The process of planning, designing and placing an ad is simple and most of the work is done by my team. Advertisers value being in a position to rely on our experience and know-how in the sure knowledge of getting a decent return on their investment.
  • Competitive Rates: When weighing up costs and determining the investment-gain ratio, advertisers have found my rates to be excellent value for money.
  • Valuable Stats: Advertisers are surprised as to how precisely targeted and result-driven our advertising and sponsorship deals are. We continually collect important website data and share it with our advertisers to ensure value for money and to adapt the best approach.
  • Optimum Placement: All ads are placed for maximum return and carefully selected to suit the content of my website and vice versa.

If you are unsure whether to opt for an advertising or sponsorship deal, I would suggest contacting me to discuss the various options available to you. I will go through all the possibilities with you and ensure that you avail of the package most suited to your business. In essence, sponsorship deals are more comprehensive and long-term than advertising partnerships, however, it is best to deal with the details in person.

What to Do Next

If you like to join our team of sponsors and advertisers, all you need to do is get in touch. We can then jointly discuss how to proceed and select the best option for you and your business. Please keep in mind that by doing so, you will be in direct contact with thousands of potential new customers looking for your product or service.