When you travel the world to partake in various competitions, you realize that there is a whole mountain biking community out there, ready to share their experiences of the sport and this has greatly enriched my life as a mountain biker. It is all about winning and then again, it is about so much more. A common passion brings people together and apart from being egged on by the competitiveness of racing, the exchange of stories and information can be a huge motivational factor. Had I not met so many great mountain bikers, I would have possibly never traveled to so many fantastic locations. I have made many friends along the way who have taught me infinitely more than I could ever have learned on my own.

On my website, I also hope to bring together seasoned mountain bikers as well as novices and create a place where anyone with an interest in our beloved sport can find the information they require. I would therefore like to invite you to contact me by using the form below. Here are some of the areas you might wish to contact me about:

  • Beginners: I love seeing new people take up mountain biking and am more than happy to answer any beginner’s questions on safety, equipment, tracks, training etc. If you are very experienced already, you may also share your advice with me and I will incorporate it in my blog.
  • Gear and Bike Maintenance: Regardless of what level you are at, you may come across some questions in relation to specialized gear or need some bike maintenance tips. I am happy to share my knowledge any time.
  • Safety: Safety is a major issue in mountain biking and unfortunately, I have witnessed quite a number of bad accidents. Please get in touch with me with any safety related questions and I will be glad to be of assistance. New safety features are continually coming on stream and if you are aware of new developments in safety, make sure to get in touch.
  • Tracks Around the World: Before planning your next mountain biking holiday, let me know and I will share my knowledge with you and have you well prepared. New tracks suitable for mountain biking are being discovered all over the world on a daily basis and I would like to hear about your recent discovery that I may not have had the privilege to visit.
  • Mountain Biking With Kids: Because of my experiences of biking throughout my childhood and as a father teaching a little girl, introducing kids of a young age to mountain biking is one of my passions and I would like you to get in touch if you are a parent who would like to introduce kids to mountain biking or if you would like to share your own experience of doing so.
  • Events: Another aim of this blog is to share, publicize and promote local and worldwide mountain biking events, so make sure to let me know if you are aware of an upcoming event. Time is of the essences and the earlier you let me know the more time I will have to promote your mountain biking event.
  • Sponsorship: If you are considering seeking sponsorship and are unsure how to go about it, let me know as I have a lot of experience in finding and dealing with sponsors. Mountain biking can be costly, but there are many interested parties willing to invest. If you are a business or individual wishing to sponsor me please also get in touch and I will discuss your options with you. If you are enquiring about guest posting, then I can send you our guest posting guidelines when you contact me and you can have the opportunity to become a contributer.
  • Seeking or Sharing Information: Remember, this website is designed to be an information platform for mountain bikers, for all who seek information or have some knowledge to share. The mountain biking community, local and worldwide, has always been renowned for its openness to the new as well its members’ supportive spirit.

Please get in touch by using the form below, even if your questions do not relate to any of the above mentioned points. Connecting with other passionate mountain bikers has always seemed to sow the seeds of new adventures for me!