Recovery is an important part of any physical exercise, as your muscles don’t actually grow whilst you’re working out, only whilst you are resting in between sessions. If the recovery process can be more active and the body helped to get back to its pre workout state, this means less time needed in between workout sessions for rest. There’s now more of an emphasis on high-tech recovery and how the process can be sped up, particularly for athletes to get them back and fully recover more quickly.

There have been many different products that have come out in recent years helping to fulfil this purpose, all have been designed with different technologies but the science behind the products can all clearly be linked. The main ways in which such recovery products are designed is to target a certain muscle or area of the body and increase the blood flow to this area to shift the lactic acid and help get more oxygen. Whether this be a massage gun or any recovery product, RecoverFit has a great selection of products out there with one being the Firefly.

The Firefly recovery device looks like a normal plaster you put on a cut! But helps increase blood flow, decrease muscle soreness, increase microcirculation and improve muscle performance. When positioned correctly, firefly effectively delivers a small and painless electrical stimulus to the common peroneal nerve which triggers the calf muscles in your leg to contract and pump blood throughout your lower extremities. It stimulates the nerve, the leg muscles contract, blood flow increases and improves workout recovery results. Firefly has been designed similar to other sports recovery products by increasing blood flow, specifically to the legs. This blog will look at the main benefits of Firefly, so keep on reading to find out more!

It works!

The science behind recovery confirms that increased blood flow into the body after workout can speed up the recovery process. Firefly placed in conjunction on both legs have been specifically designed for this purpose so after those sore leg days or when they are particularly achey, Firefly will get to work and help you get back to your best. When it comes to blood flow, there is up to a 400% increase in microcirculatory blood flow. Promotes systemic blood flow throughout the rest of the body. Allows for a faster and more efficient recovery after exercise.

Also very simple to use, they have proven effectiveness against aches and pain from its users who are mainly athletes. It is a great way to boost your recovery! With a simple YouTube tutorial on how to use Firefly, there is guidance out there on how to use them in the right way. Clinically proven, the technology has been validated to improve blood flow and decrease recovery time. And the main benefit of speeding up the body’s recovery process allows muscles to adapt and respond quicker, meaning an athlete can return to training earlier to improve performance. With all the fine margins that come within any sport, it is important you can get any advantage you can.