While countless people adore online poker and slots, the number of sports betting enthusiasts is on the up and up. More people than ever are looking for the latest Boxing Odds or horse predictions. Traditionally, the vast majority of people combined their love a particular sport, sportsperson or sports team and only wagered when their favorite sports star was partaking in a prominent event. In recent times, sports betting has become a much-loved pastime for many, especially since the free availability of online betting.

But what are the sports people are betting on? Let’s take a look at the most popular online betting sports.

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Formula 1
  • Boxing

The popularity of these sports along with the wide betting options provided by bookmakers and the limitless access to pre-event information live commentary, and post-event analysis combines to make these sports stand out from among the rest.

How to Choose a Sport to Bet On

It’s advisable to start off with a sport you know about. In sports betting, knowledge can play a significant role in leading you to a profitable outcome. Consequently, it’s rather foolish to bet on a sport you know nothing about.

Be Selective About the Sport and the Event

To maximize your chances of winning, be selective about the event. Choose a game or race you are familiar with and are confident of making an accurate prediction. Gather as much pre-event information as you can and place your bet smartly rather than emotionally. keep an eye out for promotions and bonus codes, like this Quinnbet Bonus Code UK, for example, to help increase your winnings. Even if the bookie agrees with your prediction and only offers short odds, you still stand a better chance of making some money.

The Thrill of Watching Your Event Live

Watching a sporting event, you’ve placed a wager on, is infinitely more thrilling, although, obviously, if your protagonist loses, you’ll be even more devastated. If you are not able to catch the event at the venue or even live on TV, you can download a wide variety of live score apps and keep an eye on your event. Sports betting sites also provide live updates, and you can click here for all sports results.

A Snowball’s Chance in Hell

Sports betting can produce surprising results for passionate and loyal fans. Most of the time, the loyal fan places a “way-out bet” on his favorite “underdog team” to win in the hope of beating all the odds. Sometimes, fans get lucky and are in for a surprising windfall.

When Leicester City won the English Premier Soccer League in 2016, some loyal, ultra-optimistic fans won a sizeable amount of cash. One anonymous fan has placed a 100-bet on Leicester City to win the league at the beginning of the season and pocketed no less than 250’000 when his beloved team won the title.

Such windfalls are rare; however, the unpredictability of sporting events is what makes sports betting so thrilling for thousands of fans all across the globe. Most of the time, the bookies come out on top, however, once in a while, the punter brings home the bacon.

Betting on Favorites Will Help You Make More in the Long Run

Although betting on favorites comes with short odds and smaller winnings, your chances are significantly greater than when placing a wager on an outsider. Bookies know how to run profitable businesses and stack the odds their way. If you bet on favorites, you make little each time, however, you are likely to do better in the long run because your outsider may actually never win.

However, the above-stated tips are just the ‘by the book rules’ you could follow. You might want to read up more about betting on sports (popular and otherwise) from online platforms like Statistic Sports and others, who offer similar services. They could help you get a better insight into betting tips and tricks!