Isn’t is incredibly frustrating when you want to get out on your bike but can’t for one reason or another? This is something that every cyclist hates but what you can do about it?

Well, regardless of whether you are stuck at home because of rain, snow or some other problem, there are some wonderful exercises that can help to keep you ticking over.


The importance of your core strength for mountain biking can’t be over-estimated. This is what will help you to carry on pedalling strongly on each trip.

One highly effective way of getting good core strength is by carrying out planks at home. This is the kind of exercise that you can do anywhere and at any time, so you can stay fit even if time is at a premium.

This is just one of the great ways of increasing core strength that can work wonders for mountain bike enthusiasts. You should look to do a variety of these core strength exercises to help you to avoid injuries and to feel stronger overall.

Vibration Plates

If you have never tried vibration plates then you might wonder how they could possibly be of benefit to someone who loves getting out on their bike. Well, the truth is that they offer a fantastic way of boosting your fitness whenever you can’t get out on the road.

This is a very convenient way of toning and strengthening muscles without risking injury. By looking for the best vibration plate to use at home you can get into great condition for future cycling trips very easily.


The timeless appeal of squats makes them ideal for feeling fabulous when you can’t ride your mountain bike for any reason. This type of exercise is incredibly beneficial in building leg muscles and overall body strength.

This is another sort of exercise that can be carried out anytime and anywhere. They also help to promote mobility and balance, which can help you to perform better on your bike from now on as well.

In addition, squats are great fun to carry out and will make you feel as though you have done something interesting that makes you feel powerful and fit.


Running on a treadmill is another great exercise that can work wonders for a mountain bike enthusiast. This is something that is very useful for building up leg muscles and for boosting overall fitness levels.

This indoor activity is good fun for anyone who enjoys working out and who wants to feel on top of the world. Your local gym is sure to have some treadmills, while it isn’t something that is particularly expensive to buy for use at home.

No matter the reason why you can’t get out on your mountain bike, spending some time doing these exercises will give you some big benefits that will make you feel as though you have made the most of your time doing something productive and interesting.