Whether you’re going to a game for the first time, the only time or you’re one of those people that follow their favorite teams all over, it’s important to be safe when you’re traveling. This is especially important when you’re driving and at long distances.

Catching a home game is easy. You know your hometown. However, 52 percent of accidents happen within five miles of home, so you want to be careful no matter where you are going. Here are some tips that might help.

Check your car before you leave

It’s important to check that everything is working fine before you set off on your journey. Get your car booked into Lynchburg auto repair shop as soon as possible to make sure your tires and any additional maintenance is done well in advance of your trip.

Be Careful Driving At Night

Many games happen at night (often depending on the sport) and if you’re driving a distance for a game and coming home that same night, you will be doing a lot of night driving. Driving in the dark has a few disadvantages.

Accidents happen at night for a few reasons. Visibility is decreased because of the lack of light, and if you have vision problems and haven’t done something to correct them, it could be worse. There are more critters lurking at night that could cause you to have an accident. It’s also easier to get sleepy behind the wheel when it’s dark out.

Always Be Alert

The more alert you are, the more you’ll be paying attention and able to see the big picture. You can’t just be focusing on the road in front of you, you need to see what is going on beside you and behind you as well. That means you need to not be distracted when driving (ignore the phone, leave the radio dial alone, and keep your focus on the road not the people with you).

If you start to feel tired while you’re driving, stop and take a break. That’s what roadside stops are for. Get out and walk around, get some fluids, and maybe do some stretches. You could take a nap if time permits.

Know The Areas You’re Driving Through

When you’re heading to an away game or match, do a little research on the area you’ll be visiting. See if you know anyone there so that you can be aware of areas you may want to avoid. With GPS it can at least be easier to find places now, but a GPS won’t tell you if people often get murdered, mugged, or carjacked in the area you’re about to drive through.

If you’re skeptical because you live someplace remotely safe, watch the movie Judgement Night. It’s a great film where a group of guys takes a wrong turn on the way to some sporting event and end up witnessing a murder.

Book A Room If You Need To

If you have a long drive ahead of you and it’s late, and you’re tired, don’t risk your life just to save some money. Book a hotel room (ask someone at the sports venue where a safe place to stay is). You’ll be much happier when you drive home refreshed in the morning.