Are the traditional bookmakers completely out of fashion now or do people still gamble through them? Bookies still haven’t been completely eliminated from the gambling industry, but nonetheless, their popularity is declining day by day due to a number of factors. Online gambling is a more convenient and flexible option that offers so many benefits in terms of the payouts, the bonuses and the rewards. At the bottom of it all, or at least most of these advantages, is technology, something which isn’t a characteristic of traditional bookies and has caused them to lag behind in the race.

Let’s take a detailed look, and see how the two to compare to each other. A little advice here: before making the move online, go through reviews of various gamblers on websites like to ascertain that you are choosing a reputed name in the industry.


Online gambling allows us to place bets at any time and from anywhere without actually allowing us to be present in the ground itself. So even when we are at work, or while we are in bed, we can still enjoy the same gambling experience through our laptops. Some websites also offer an app, allowing us to bet through our mobile phones which makes things all the more convenient.

Compared to this, the traditional bookies require us to be present at a physical site, which makes it a less convenient option. Also, we are required to specially take time out from our schedules for gambling, without being able to do it during odd hours of the day.


The traditional bookies lack flexibility; several of them have fixed schedules that prevent us from betting round the clock. But with online betting, that isn’t the case. If you have an internet connection at home, which you can get through Frontier internet or similar internet providers in your area, you can bet online whenever you want.

The bonuses

Bonuses are offered by both traditional bookies and online betting websites. But with the latter, they are a lot more exciting. Bonuses are offered when we sign up and when we place bets greater than a certain amount. We may even enjoy rewards if we refer a friend, and they sign up. Traditional bookies do have some bonuses, but they are limited and definitely not as good as with online gambling sites.

Smaller Bets

Many betting websites allow us to place bets of smallest amounts, whereas the minimum bet limit with traditional bookies is usually higher. So even if we have a limited budget, we can still indulge in gambling.

In-Play Betting

Online websites often allow us to place bets after the match has started. This provides an opportunity to increase profits whenever odds improve. The traditional bookies operate using old systems and procedures, and may often not allow betting once the game starts.


So which option seems more exciting: online betting or the traditional bookies? Most of the differences between the two are simply because of technology, which has advanced rapidly. In the time to come, online betting is expected to get even more thrilling when AI and IoT will be utilised to the fullest.