It is officially the first day of winter and the cold air is just over the hill of the weekend. While we are all hoping for a white Christmas, there are many of us that are already looking forward to the warm weather.

Playing any sport will definitely warm you up, but the drop in temperature can bring a quick halt to fantasies of spring. Be that as it may, no one said we couldn’t dream of the Springtime air early.

Here are a few sports that you can look forward to that might help you forget why your teeth are still chattering.


Basketball is one of the more common sports, but still very popular. Although it’s not usually viewed as a spring sport, there are many spots where a great game of streetball can cool the jets on a stressful day, settle a bet, or build memories.

Sure, you can play basketball indoors, and during the winter, it’s probably a pretty good idea, but when Spring hits, taking it out where you and your friends can enjoy the sun is the goal.

Whether you are a girl spending time with her guy, a couple of brothers hanging out, or a father and son competing for the family championship there’s just something simple but special about shooting a round ball into a mesh net.  


Water in Winter is better known as ice. There are several sports you can become well accomplished with on the ice. Hockey, figure skating, and shuffleboard are challenging in their own right and are sports that if you dedicate the right amount of time and practice to can build a great deal of agility, endurance, and overall physical skill.

However, if you love the water, having a little warmer of a temperature can come in handy. There are a ton of rivers all around the country you can go rafting at. Colorado Springs Rafting for the west coast, while the east coast has some great rivers you can really enjoy yourself on. Whitewater rafting is a great sport to look forward to in the spring. Just make sure to wear the proper safety equipment and carry a guide if you are making your debut adventure. Georgia has some great venues for braving the rapids.


One of the sports that doesn’t get quite enough attention these days, but is the definition of fun, is mudding. Some actually argue it’s not a sport at all. Let’s see. Lot’s of dirt and sweat? Check. Competitive races and jumps? Check. Bragging rights until you are dethroned? Check.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a sport! However, it’s not for the faint. There’s nothing like taking your ATV, 4×4, or jeep through a series of the deepest and muddiest holes on the planet.

Even if you get stuck, it’s a thrill to take the journey of getting your vehicle unlodged. Again, not something you want to try in the Winter. Wet thermals and freezing temperatures can be a very uncomfortable combination.

Want to wish away the cold? Spend your time daydreaming about these warmer sports.