At times the key to alleviating your pain or muscle aches and soreness is all about merely selecting the right tool, pair that with something like a CBD Muscle Balm and you’re good to go. A massage ball might just be that perfect new weapon to combat muscle pain. A standard massage ball contains a few advantages over other such equipment which falls under the category of tissue mobilization.

It boasts a firm appearance, contouring well to the muscles of all shapes and sizes. As a result of its smaller size, it can offer greater effectiveness at working that area between muscle groups while also allowing you to apply concentrated pressure directly to the muscle belly with your own body weight. Perhaps most importantly though, the compact size of a massage ball allows you to carry it with you for use whenever the need for its use arises.

That pretty much covers a standard massage ball, which is referred to in that manner because of the emergence of a variation on the massage ball; a vibrating massage ball. The fact that a vibrating massage ball vibrates probably makes for quite the obvious main difference it brings to the massage ball arena, but what exactly makes a vibrating massage ball that much better than a standard one?

When your back begins to ache or you experience some soreness in your muscles, a good massage can make for a simple solution to provide you with some relief. If you’re short on time to perhaps see a masseuse, a vibrating massage ball will allow you to experience some massage action right in the privacy of your own home or any other space you feel comfortable in, whenever you have a moment to spare.

You just need to roll the ball over the body part you desire to target and allow the vibrations and your body weight to work its magic in loosening the muscles and soothing the pressure points to achieve pain relief. However, if it is still not making your muscles feel any better then it would be a good idea to go and see a professional so that you can get your muscles working normally again. Seeing a chiropractor like those at Tulsa Spine and Rehab to try and rectify any spinal or muscle problems. Other than that even if you’re not quite feeling any muscle aches or pains, a vibrating massage ball makes for a perfect way to relax any time you feel the need to work off some tension.


Most vibrating massage balls are built to be fairly compact, so that you can take them with you without hassle. However, there is indeed some variation with regards to size, which allows you to make a choice between balls that are appropriate for the particular body part(s) you need treatment for most often. Smaller vibrating massage balls are usually the most effective for your hands, feet, or forearms. The medium-sized ones are ideal for the calves, glutes, deltoids, and even the neck.

Larger vibrating massage balls are most suitable for the back area, the chest, and shoulders.

While all vibrating massage balls obviously bear the property of vibration, some balls only vibrate at just one speed. If that single speed vibration is too strong, or if it’s not strong enough for your specific massage needs, you’re then stuck with what you have.

So multi-speed balls are the way to go, or you can select different shapes, sizes and speeds for all the variation you need.