Leg compression boots are becoming a standard tool for professional athletes and as a tool for recovery for everyday athletes. Leg compression boots are the leaders in this market due to their performance and the research behind their production. They continue to set records in research and development and continue to set the bar for this recovery tool. They are also pushing the research in the area of altitude training and recovery from time spent at altitude. Leg compression boots are proven to increase arterial blood flow and oxygenation of tissue. This allows the body to rebuild faster and faster as weeks go by and as more time is spent wearing the boots.

When should you use Leg compression boots?

First and foremost, recovery is one of the top reasons people use leg compression boots. Professional athletes use  Leg Compression boots after every single workout and game. More and more amateur athletes are also using these products to improve their game. Leg compression boots are not just limited to recovery; they can be used pre and post-workout for increased performance.

Benefits of Leg Compression boots:

1. Improved venous return of blood from the lower body to the heart. (Blood flow and oxygenation)- Once the blood has been pushed out it is returned to the thoracic outlet at the heart. The leg compression boots provide higher pressure at the ankle and a lower pressure is paired with this at the upper thigh. This creates an increase in blood flow and oxygen saturation to that area. The more blood in an area the more oxygen in that area.

2. Decreased muscle soreness- Increased blood flow means more oxygen being produced. More oxygen means less oxygen being used up in the tissue being worked. Our body does not need as much oxygen to repair and heal muscles as they are working. While the Leg compression boots are pushing out at about 3/4 of your maximum exertion, there is a rather large gradient created to the bottom of the leg.

3. Decreased varicose veins- People struggling with varicose veins or spider veins may be seeking alternative methods of assistance. Compression boots are a widely known and distributed treatment for such conditions. These boots can assist in swelling reduction – aiding both root issues and the appearance of bulging veins. In cases where individuals seek more targeted solutions, procedures like Sclerotherapy offer a focused approach to treating spider veins. To access expert guidance and tailored treatments, individuals can consider reputable medical establishments that offer spider vein treatment in Perrysburg, OH, or in their locality. These healthcare facilities, equipped with specialized expertise, can help you explore suitable treatment options and embark on a journey towards a healthier and aesthetic vein appearance.

4. Increased tissue elasticity– Our body is a wonderful machine. It works when it is told to work. The Leg Compression Boot is working the muscle, but also informs the body that it is clean. When the Leg Compression is finished, the Legcompression boots also allow the body to work the muscle when needed.

Determining what to wear

Performance wear, recovery wear or both… You will want to consider what your goal is and how you want to train. If you have an event coming up you should consider recovery wear. You will want to consider the time of the event, training beforehand and also if you know you are going to go hard that day. Recovery wear will assist with oxygenation for faster recovery.

4. More muscle power- We all know about the power of the calves. However, they are the next largest biceps muscle group and are significantly more powerful compared to most other muscle groups. There is a lot of research showing this for muscle power and muscle growth.

5. Increased endurance- All athletes want to be able to play longer and stronger. The Leg compression boots will allow you to do just that. Let’s face it, the legs are the biggest muscles in the body and require a lot of oxygen. Leg compression boots increase the oxygenation and blood flow to the legs. More blood flow to the muscles means more oxygen in the muscle cells; therefore, less oxygen is wasted during exercise.

6. Prevent ACL injuries- Athletes do not want to get injured. The Leg Compression boots are designed to increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. This is why so many professional athletes are using this product. They are playing longer, playing harder and some consider ACL injury to have been eliminated.

Recover and perform with leg compression boots. They are an excellent way for you to train harder and recover faster.