Knee sleeves should provide the best in support and compression while performing a variety of exercises. This style of fit provides optimum motion and function. Knee sleeves will save your knees while performing the movements we all do every day.

“Over the last 20 years, when we get knee pains we usually try to remedy it by adding extra weight and extra reps. Unfortunately, knee presses are one of those movements where excessive weight, over time, leads to knee presses that are usually dangerous to the knees and can lead to joint instability, which ultimately affects your flexibility and overall performance. This is one of the reasons why most lifters resort to knee presses when lifting heavy weights.” ~Ronnie Coleman

FIVE Benefits of Knee Sleeves

1. It’s great for athletes, which is beneficial because sports require full range of motion in the legs.

2. It might be helpful for those who have been injured or are undergoing treatment for meniscus repair. It can improve blood flow to the knees, keeping them lubricated, limber, and stable.

3. It provides a great addition to a good strength training program. The exercises you do will be intense enough to give you relief, but not so much that you end up injuring yourself.

4. It helps strengthen the knees to help prevent injury, especially if you struggle with knee pain.

5. The knuckle shoulders can help you improve your performance in overall sporting performance.


Knee Sleeve Installation and Use

How do I install and use Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves? If you’re considering using a knee sleeve, the biggest thing you need to do is to get it in the correct place for your legs. If it’s on your thigh and you’re a stick-type guy, the sleeve can squeeze down and force your thighs down. That’s not good at all. You want to go back and undo it and make it smaller. That’s where a knee sleeve doesn’t provide a lot of support, it’s just a cushion for your knees.

So I recommend if you’re a stick-type guy, to look for a sleeve that fits a little bit wider, maybe at least an inch or two, to give you the best support while you perform the exercises and exercises that may cause knee pain if you don’t get them correct. I also recommend that you make sure that you only use this sleeve on one knee at a time. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of support and if you use it on both knees it’s going to cause some instability.

“I know guys are in the gym everyday working out, playing golf, tennis or soccer, so this is a no-brainer, it protects the back. I always tell people that knee puts are like having a big fluffy pillow or something soft on the knee and it protects your back.” ~Ronnie Coleman