It’s always fun to travel to sporting events. However, it can be stressful too. Especially if you’re going to a major event like a professional baseball game or an NFL game, traffic can end up being a little bit of a nightmare. That’s why you should do your vehicle safety checks before you head out.

You should do several things before you even leave your driveway. You should check the fluids in your vehicle. You should check the weather for the time you will be traveling to and from the game. You need to give yourself some extra time for uncertainty. Rushing will create unnecessary risks. And, if you’re taking kids with you, make sure entertainment is available in the vehicle so that they can distract themselves while you are concentrating driving.

Check Your Fluids

Before you leave with your family to head out to the game, check your car’s fluids. It takes about 15 minutes to ensure that oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, etc. all are at appropriate levels. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t do these checks and end up with car trouble on your way to a game. That ruins the fun of any trip immediately.

Check the Weather

It’s vital that you check the weather before you go to any sporting event. First of all, it’s crucial for the safety of your vehicle. Avoid car accidents at all costs! You need to know that your car is prepared for driving in the rain, the snow, or other situations. And second, you need to make sure the game is still going on. Certain sporting events get canceled for certain types of weather, so you need to make sure that you’re aware of all the possible extenuating circumstances as far as delays and cancellations go. If you are travelling to the event in a pickup truck, you may want to get a truck bed cover (which you can discover more about here) in order to keep everything you have stored in there safe from the elements.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When going to a sporting event, always give yourself extra time to get there and get in. It’s easy to develop road rage if you’re trying to get somewhere because you’ve allocated a certain amount of time but other drivers on the road are not cooperating with your schedule. The further away a sporting event is and the more popular it is, the more time you should give yourself as a buffer.

Make Sure Entertainment Is Available

If you’re taking your kids with you, you don’t want them distracting you by whining or otherwise misbehaving. Make sure that entertainment is available in your vehicle. These could be little games that they could play, or you can go all out and give them an entire entertainment system to utilize. If your kids have a movie to watch and headphones to put on, that can make your trip that much smoother and more safe for everyone involved.