Mountain biking is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. This is due to many seeing it as both a very fun hobby as well as a great form of exercise. Those looking to take their bike out will find that the UK has some of the best places.

With so much nature to explore, the UK offers mountain bikers a chance to get out on the dirt road and see what it has to offer. Here are just a few of the top mountain biking destinations there.

1. Coed Y Brenin

Wales has some of the most rural places in the whole of the UK, some of which are perfect for those desperate to get out on their mountain bike. Coed Y Brenin is often considered the original destination for many mountain bike centres and bikers can use this to their advantage.

With centres, cafes, and facilities all over, you have everything you need here when it comes to mountain biking.

2. Dalby Forest

In 2011, Dalby Forest hosted the UCI MTB World Cup and it’s no wonder why. This location, in Scarborough, provides trails like no other for mountain bikers as well as being incredibly picturesque.

Dalby Forest is very family-friendly and perfect for new mountain bikers or experienced ones. With so much to do around this area, why not make it a family trip? With adventure playgrounds, coffee shops, restaurants, and stunning walks, there is so much for the rest of the gang to do while you take a trip out on your bike.

3. Anywhere in the Lake District

The Lake District has some of the most beautiful and popular natural spots in the whole of the UK and attracts travellers from all over. Mountain bikers will love being able to get to some of the most rural parts of the Lakes on their bikes alone and being able to stop at several destinations along the way.

If you decide to go back without your bike, visiting the Lakes in a campervan or motorhome from somewhere like can make for a great holiday.

4. Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is popular among walkers and tourists alike. Sat in the heart of Gloucestershire, the forest brings people from all over the country and all over the world to see what the UK countryside has to offer.

Mountain bikers are no exception to this, as they can find an incredible number of trails to explore on top of great places to stop when they need a break. From dirt tracks to woodland roads, there are so many places here that your bike can take you.

5. Gisburn Forest

In the rural county of Lancashire, in the Northwest of England, bikers will find Gisburn Forest. At a first glance of the area, you’d be forgiven for thinking the forest was quite literally made for bikers.

So much of the forest itself is accessible via mountain bike and you could cycle for hours and still see new parts of it. Just a short drive from some of the best cities the North has to offer, a stop there could be a well-rounded trip, full of mountain biking hours of course.