The online casino UK market is regarded as the largest yet also the safest available. With a huge number of players going to sites such as to find games to gamble on. The industry produces an astonishing amount of revenue each year. However, it is not just the most established online casinos that set their sights on this huge market, many new casinos also aim to become successful in the UK.

One of the reasons that the UK is such a popular region for online casino gaming is its safety regulations. Having very strict rules for casinos to follow, flows through to the way players interact with the service. However, casinos do not just follow the rules and regulations to keep players safe, they aim to keep their players happy too. This doesn’t stop players themselves from taking steps to ensure that they are going to be safe online whilst gaming, such as downloading one of the best vpn for gaming, but it means that players can game feeling reassured that their casino of choice is up to standards when it comes to security.

Although these regulations are getting more difficult for some casinos to follow, new online casinos still manage to launch with measurable success. Many are popular and profitable despite the constant regulatory changes. Take a look at their online casino to see how they follow the latest safety rules. However, there are processes that take place that also help online casino UK players safe which involve audits. Being undertaken by a separate company ensures that the results are not influenced in any way.

Keeping The Online Casino UK Market Safe

You may be asking yourself why there is a need to keep players safe? However, if there were no regulators in the industry, online casinos would be free to do what they want. Imagine a sports game with no rules, the same principle would equate to chaos in the online casino UK market. As a result, there is a governing body that ensures that there are rule and regulations in place and that they are followed. This responsibility falls to the Gambling Commission. They are a government-run regulatory body in control of all gambling within Great Britain. It is their licence that a casino must hold to be able to offer their service in the UK. As a result, they are also the ones that make the rules that online casinos must follow.

If an online casino has been found to break the rules, the Gambling Commission are there to investigate. After investigation, if a casino is found to have broken the rules, they will be issued a fine. These fines can often add up to multiple millions. More established online casinos will be able to handle the fines issued, however, this kind of fine would devastate a new online casino. Therefore, you will find that newly launched casinos will not deviate from the regulations at all.

How the Public Have Reacted to New Rules

With new rules recently coming into action within the online casino UK market, however, there were mixed feelings when they were proposed. As time has now passed since the new rules were enforced, a survey has been carried out to get the public reaction. With quite surprising results, it found that the general public supports new more robust safety measures. The Gambling Health Alliance found that only 8% of gamblers and only 5% of non-gamblers would be opposed to a £2 limit to online slot games. The poll also suggested the public will be behind the ban on all gambling for under-18s. As a result, the findings have shown many campaigns started for more robust safety measures to be introduced.

With the pandemic taking over the globe, research showed the popularity of online slot games soared to record numbers. This is what has added the call for new regulations to come into place. As the public support for gambling reform is overwhelming, it has also shown little opposition to a ban on VIP programs. It is said that these programs encourage gamblers to bet more than they otherwise would. Some of the new regulatory changes call for all games to be assessed for their level of harm before entering the market.

The recent poll has also found that the majority of gamblers as well as non-gamblers are behind new regulations that are being discussed. As a result, it found that a ban on gambling advertising in or near sports grounds or venues had many backers from the public. Another feature being discussed is affordability checks to anyone that gambles. Doing this would mean problem gamblers can be assisted from the very beginning.

What Will This Mean For The Future of UK Gambling?

With the market constantly under changes from the regulations, online casino UK platforms are always ready to change things. As a result, many casino platforms are proactive in keeping players safe. Therefore, ensuring they meet any potential new rules changes as soon as they happen. As this is the case, you will find that online casinos that operate in the UK are safer than anywhere else online. Therefore, player safety should be their main priority when operating.

Despite all the changes that have come into place, the online casino UK industry still continually grows every year. As a result, it can be predicted that there will be many more regulations to come into place. With the future of sports affiliates advertising on the cards, it may have a devastating impact on the sector. These kinds of changes take a long time to discuss and the Gambling Commission have some serious decisions ahead. There have recently been calls that the market may one day become over-regulated, which would completely kill the industry. This is something the Gambling Commission consider before enforcing any new rules.