According to reports from Men’s Health, the top three fitness trends for 2019 were – yoga, barre classes and kickboxing, with a session on a mobile casino complementing the physical fitness as a way to cater to mental health as well. However, with a fitness program planned for all three disciplines, office gym specialists can expect to see a surge in their workload, as fitness gyms follow suit.

The majority of office gyms today have large spaces, lockers (probably purchased from office monster), cabinets, and equipment that is suitable for working out. For employees, such facilities can provide a gym-like environment in which they can do their fitness routine.

Especially after the pandemic, these facilities hold great importance for employees to maintain their health during their free time around work. Furthermore, these facilities are often cleaned and sanitized regularly with the help of professional office cleaning services. These cleaning companies generally ensure that the gym equipment and other items are kept germ-free, providing employees with a clean and safe environment to exercise.

In addition to maintaining a clean and safe environment, office gyms also offer employees the opportunity to explore various fitness practices. One popular option is yoga, which can be found in almost every gym around the world, including yoga studios.

What is yoga, you may ask? Well, it can be defined as “the practice of adapting physical postures and breathing techniques to strengthen and expand the mind.” These exercises can be found in almost every gym around the world, and especially, yoga studios. One of the popular exercises in yoga is the downward facing dog, which is not necessarily, a good option to do when you’re trying to prevent an injury.

Haven’t heard of downward facing dog? Watch our guide to mastering the yoga workout and watch the poses get easier as you get better at it.

Yoga can also be used in the health arena to help improve sleep, muscle and bone health and diabetes. However, you should always use yoga in moderation. Yoga can be detrimental to your workouts, and can create a whole new workout routine if done incorrectly. A yoga workout may only take a few minutes in the middle of a day. However, if done for too long, it can create an unwanted pull in the abdomen, resulting in a tear. This isn’t a good deal for your health.

What is barre? Barre is described as a form of ballet fitness. Barre workouts are one of the most effective workouts in the office gym to tone the body and increase strength. This exercise class has gained popularity as a result of the Kardashians, who seem to take their workouts to another level. However, when in the office gym, use caution and remember that you may be overdoing it. However, if you get comfortable with this form of exercise, you may be addicted to it.

Finally, barre classes have gained popularity for a reason, as they work in every part of the body. Any workout, barre or otherwise, can work the legs, arms, and back. However, the focus is mostly on the body in the lower body. If you don’t have barre classes in your area, but you do take fitness classes, barre may not work well. The impact on the legs and the heart can put you in the danger zone.

Barre workouts seem to work well in the office gym, especially if you plan to use them for more than one workout a week. However, make sure that you’re taking a full pulse to ensure your fitness level stays high.

Kickboxing in the office gym? Where have you heard of this? Kickboxing is a form of workout that focuses on speed and form. Kickboxing can be done alone or in a group setting. This type of exercise usually works in every part of the body, including the legs, back, arms and stomach. There are many kickboxing classes in the office gym, but not all will feel good on your body. Consider doing this in the morning on a day when you don’t plan to get a workout in later in the day.

How do you use yoga and kickboxing in the office gym? Let us know what you think.