Mountain biking is an excellent sport to increase strength, endurance and agility. Whether mountain biking is your only sport or part of a cross-training routine. If you are looking for the best equipment for your mountain bike to make your next mountain bike tour will be faster, safer and more comfortable.

Here is a short list of the most critical mountain bike articles that make every trip a great journey.

  • A mountain bike

The first device you need for mountain biking is a mountain bike that fits well and stays in good condition. Bicycles are available for every cyclist and track condition. You can choose a bike with full or front suspension, disc brake or V-brake, different wheel sizes and frame materials. If you’re starting, visit a local bike shop for more information and get a bike ready. If you already own a bike, you must keep it properly and perform a safety check before leaving.

  • Riding apparel

Apart from maintaining appropriate mountain biking apparel, you should wear protective pads for your elbows and knees. Quality clothing and pads not only ensure that you have a safe riding experience but also a comfortable one. You should consider wearing a hydration bag so that you don’t need to stop every time you need to get a drink of water. There is also an option of mounting a GPS device onto your bike or simply wearing a watch that can help you navigate.

  • A bicycle helmet

A bicycle helmet is one of the most essential pieces of biking safety gear that deserves a separate point. Since falls and crashes can be lethal while off-roading, wearing a helmet is a must. The latest bicycle helmets mips (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) integrated tend to significantly reduce the severity of head injuries, especially in slow accidents. Additionally, they usually have a visor to block the sun, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride.

  • Sunglasses / Eye Protection

Mountain biking eye protection keeps dust and dirt out of your eyes and helps you see it in dark shadows and sunlight. There are a variety of lenses for the sport, but they should have an interchangeable lens system.

  • Clipless Pedal

The automatic pedals are the best for most cross-country ski trails. With the cycling shoes and click pedal systems, you can fit your boots on the brakes to pedal safely and effectively, and then loosen them quickly with a twist of the foot. Mountain bikers generally use the SPD pedal/retention system, but there are several combinations. Make sure you buy shoes and pedals that work together.

  • Bicycle Repair Kit

In the case, you have a mechanical problem, or a tire has a puncture on the road. Your kit should contain the basics: a multi tool for bikes, extra tube, tires lever, a patch kit, a minivan and some cash. I, therefore, keep a badge with a list of contact numbers in the seat bag so that someone knows who to call if there is a severe injury or other emergencies.

  • First Aid Kit

Not everyone rides with a first aid kit, but I keep a few first aid essentials in my hydration pack. Therefore, prepare yourself with bandages, tapes, painkillers and antiseptic wipes of various sizes by hand. I also add a solution for eye drops, a small pocketknife, moleskin, energy gel and a whistle in my kit.