Massage guns are fairly self explanatory; guns which are applied to an area of the body that massage to relieve any aches and pains. There are many benefits from using a massage gun: it can relax tight muscles especially helpful late at night when you’re trying to get to sleep. So the question is with so many on the market, what’s the right one for me?

Hypervolt Go is the latest massage gun from Hyperice which targets the elite athletes. With multiple speed settings and other features, for a first time buyer looking to move towards a more advanced massage gun, is the Hypervolt Go the best option to go for? This blog will list out whether it’s the right choice so keep on reading to find out!

  • Design

The Hypervolt Go is highly powered with whisper-quiet operation (patented QuietGlide™ technology!)  designed with simplicity in mind for the user. With its various attachments designed to help massage those sore areas, as the 2 interchangeable heads (flat and bullet) can be used depending on your workout/exercise. 30% smaller than the original, the Hypervolt Go is ultra lightweight so easy to take with you on the go, if you need that massage relief straight after!

Single button operation, it really has been designed for simplicity and variety of 3 speeds from slow to fast, pressing the button to change speeds on the Hypervolt Go. Easy to use and TSA approved for carry on if you need to use whilst abroad when competing, providing the perfect addition to your wellness routine.

  • What’s on the Market

There is a variety of choice when it comes to massage guns, generally used by athletes to relieve tension and accelerate warmup and recovery after physical activity, but also by the general public for other uses. Most commonly for pain relief in the back which can be caused by a number of reasons such as poor posture, however not everyone wants to rush to a chiropractor and rack up a large fee. Therefore, the massage gun is a good alternative when used correctly. Especially since it’s not only possible to perform on yourself but has been recommended, meaning no need to convince the other half using it for you, depending on how hard the area is to reach!

However, the Hypervolt Go has been marketed more towards athletes who would have more emphasis on recovery than the average person, so would this be the right choice for an introduction into the more elite level massage guns? There’s no question the Hypervolt Go works well for those sore areas as the science behind it is proven. Stimulating the area of the body it is applied to through percussion and repeated motion providing relief as circulation increases getting more oxygen into the blood. The Hypervolt Go increases range of motion for the athlete giving them a competitive advantage and as Mens Health Magazine has been quoted as saying “Hyperice’s Hypervolt Go is the mini massage gun you need in your life” so why not give it a try!