Group gym workouts are an important way to get into shape. You can work out in a big group, or with friends and family, both of which can create a more comfortable workout experience for you. The biggest advantage to working out with a group is that you get the benefit of having a coach watching your form and helping you adjust your weights and reps, so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. If you go to a gym alone and don’t have a spotter to help you progress, you could wind up with a lot more injuries than you would with a spotter watching your form. So if you’re looking into starting a new exercise routine but don’t know where to start, consider a few ideas for group workouts you can do at home.

Bodyweight squats. This type of body weight training is similar to traditional barbell squats, in that it forces you to exert a large amount of force against your own body weight as you move up and down. What sets this exercise apart, however, is that you use the majority of your muscle in the movement, so you’ll be building a lot more muscle in one workout than you would with any other. One great reason for this is that you can usually perform this exercise in less than fifteen minutes. This makes it ideal for people who might not have a long enough time in their day to spend exercising in a gym, or for people who want a quick yet effective solution to a lagging body weight training routine.

Circuit training with circuit training machines. If you want to really up the ante on your small group gym workouts, you can try incorporating the use of circuit training machines into your routines. Small circuit boxes (usually no more than three feet wide) can be purchased relatively cheaply, and are available in many different configurations. Because they only require a minimal amount of space and provide many workouts, they are easy to integrate into a number of different fitness routines, making them ideal for home use.

Small group trainings with a variety of equipment. Another way to up the intensity of your workouts at your small group workouts is to add variety to your routine. Try pairing up two different exercises or challenges, so that you’re working out different muscle groups during the same session. For example, if you pair up a bench press with a squat, you’ll be working on two different muscles at once, which will require a bit more effort but will be far more effective than simply pairing off two exercises. Of course, always make sure that you’re using the proper form when combining these exercises, as they should always be performed in a way that allows for maximal growth.

Interval training. For even greater effectiveness, you can try incorporating interval training into your group gym workouts. Interval training uses short periods of high intensity exercise, lasting no more than thirty seconds in duration, to help burn calories and boost the metabolic rate of the body. By providing brief bursts of intense activity over a relatively long period of time, interval training can help the body build a lot of fast-paced endurance, which is exactly what you need to build mass.

Lastly, you can use supplements to supplement your group gym workouts. A basic multivitamin and vitamin E supplement should suffice, but if you’re looking for something a little more specific, consider taking a multivitamin that includes ingredients such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and Ginseng. These elements have been proven to aid in tissue repair and recovery, which can help speed up the process of building lean muscle mass. And while these ingredients aren’t something that you’d typically find in the typical vitamin supplement, they’re still incredibly important for building up muscle quickly. Don’t skimp on your multivitamins, as they can truly help your program!