More than 200 thousand texting and driving accidents cases are reported in the United States. Each year, the number of accidents increases irrespective of the safety norms laid by the laws. Additionally, the accidents related to texting and driving can be minor or severe depending on various factors.

Huge collisions can cause serious damage to your cars and may even be life-threatening. It’s essential to remember that cars are expensive investments, and cautious driving and road awareness are necessary to ensure their safety. Failing to do so may result in a collision, which might require a visit to a collision repair center in Austin (if that’s where you’re from) to restore the car to its original state. Furthermore, while car damage can often be repaired at a cost, the damage caused to human lives sometimes cannot be reversed. Therefore, it becomes crucial to practice road safety. Additionally, you may need practical solutions to prevent distracted driving.

For example, the companies that manage fleet and commercial drivers would likely invest in AI-backed solutions, such as what Lytx provides to determine trends in events or behaviors, helping fleets detect and predict risk with more accuracy. Car accidents are statistically more common and can also lead to a lot of casualties. Therefore, it is vital to follow all the precautionary methods to prevent car accidents. Below are a few tips to avoid texting and driving car accidents.

Use do not disturb mode on your phone

Technology is thriving in every aspect. To ensure you do not get distracted while driving, you can turn on the do not disturb mode on your mobile, which will block calls and notifications while you are driving.

Turn off all the temptations

A small notification in your phone can generate curiosity to check your phone. Therefore, you can take multiple steps to avoid the temptation of checking your phone while driving by turning off your phone, keeping it on silent, turning off your data, or keeping the phone in the backseat.

Pullover if the text is essential

Sometimes attending the work call while you are driving is the only option. If the call or text is important, pull over to the side and reply. This will also help eliminate the risk of getting into auto accidents or injuring someone crossing the road due to lack of attention on your part.

User other methods of texting

Many adults and teenagers cannot resist their texting and driving habits. In such cases, they can look for alternative testing methods, such as Bluetooth voice activation methods. These devices detect your voice and interpret it into the text as per your commands, helping to eliminate the need to take your eyes off the road.

Use passengers in your car as a mediator

There are instances where you have to respond to the person without pulling over. During these times, the person in the passenger seat can be helpful to act as a mediator and help reply to them. You can hand over your phone to them and ask them to respond to what you want to convey. However, if you are alone, your only option is to pull over and reply.

Create a “no texting and driving” mindset

Before heading off in your car, take a pledge to say no to texting and driving. Various companies have been running a campaign to create awareness about the tremendous consequences of texting and driving. One crucial thing to know is that texting and driving do only put you at risk but also others around you. Therefore, as a good citizen, it is your responsibility to avoid texting and driving.

However, it is to be noted that accidents can happen unexpectedly, despite your best efforts to drive safely and responsibly. Whether it’s due to someone else’s negligence or simply fate, finding yourself in such a situation can be unnerving. The key, however, is not to panic. While easier said than done, keeping calm is crucial as panic can escalate the situation.

The first step is to call for help. For minor accidents, it’s advisable to visit a nearby hospital for a check-up. In more serious situations where you are unable to manage alone, don’t hesitate to ask for help to get to the nearest healthcare facility. Once at the hospital, make sure to receive prompt first aid. Doctors may also recommend X-rays and an MRA scan in New Jersey or elsewhere to thoroughly assess the extent of any injuries. It’s important to undergo all necessary check-ups and treatments to ensure proper care.

After receiving treatment, prioritize rest and avoid driving for a few days or until you feel completely recovered and healthy. Your well-being is paramount, so take the time you need to recuperate fully before resuming normal activities.

The prevalence of texting and driving accidents is a concerning issue that continues to pose significant risks on our roads. Despite efforts to enforce safety measures and raise awareness, the number of accidents remains alarmingly high. These accidents not only result in damage to vehicles but can also have devastating consequences for human lives.

However, accidents can still occur despite your best efforts, and it’s crucial to know how to respond calmly and effectively in such situations. Ultimately, by collectively adopting responsible driving behaviors and remaining vigilant on the roads, you can work towards reducing the frequency and severity of texting and driving accidents, making roads safer for everyone.