Some people might think it’s more practical to ride their motorcycles than to have it shipped during an interstate relocation or if they have bought a used bike from another part of the country. However, considering the gas, hotel stay, wear and tear to the bike and other travel expenses, it is much more economical to hire a professional motorcycle shipping company such as RCG Logistics or a full-service moving company to do this stressful work.

Traveling long distance has some risks that could endanger your safety and that of your bike’s. While your motorcycle is trucked safely from state to state by a motorcycle shipping company, you can focus on other more important matters, sit back, relax and await the arrival of your baby!

In order to ensure the safe arrival of your beloved motorcycle to its new destination, you must head online and look around before picking any of the Dallas trucking companies (if that is where you are moving). Reading about other people’s experiences might help you decide on the right service provider for you. However, before that, you should do a few things to fully prepare your motorcycle for the journey. These small steps can help ease the process and protect your bike.

Ensure that your motorcycle is clean and remove any dirt from the body and tires. Then take pictures and video of the condition of your bike to create a record prior to shipping. This will come in handy if it arrives with a big scratch or dent in the seat or body and you need to file an insurance claim. Ensure that you tighten any connections that are loose so your bike doesn’t fall apart during transport.

Most carriers request that you have just about 1/4 of a tank of gas. If your bike isn’t operational, inform the carrier. Unlock the steering wheel and disable any alarms prior to transport. Ensure that the tires have ample air so that the transporters can roll your bike. Your carrier may have additional instructions so be sure to follow them closely to make sure your shipping process goes smoothly and safely.

These are some of the questions to ask when choosing a motorcycle transport service:

1. How long does it take to transport my bike?

2. What type of insurance is included in your service?

3. What kind of vehicle will my bike travel in? Is it enclosed or open?

4. How is the bike secured in the vehicle?

5. Are the drivers handling your bike experienced?

6. How much does it cost to ship my bike?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a motorcycle shipping service that is right for you and for this reason you may feel overwhelmed when beginning your search. You should research and get quotes from several different companies to compare rates to ship your motorcycle easily before you settle on one. This is where Shiply can help you as there are hundreds of motorcycle shipping companies under this platform.

Shipping your motorcycle is a convenient, safe and cost-effective way to transport your bike long distances. Getting multiple quotes can help you find the best price, but always keep in mind the company’s quality and reputation.

Motorcycle shipping can be a lengthy, costly and tedious process. But if you make sure to choose the right shipping company, get insurance and follow through, you will be fine. Your baby will be with you in the new destination in no time!