Sometimes it is hard to maintain proper nutrition when you are leading a busy lifestyle. It starts with missing important meals of the day to attend meetings or beat deadlines. Similarly, when you try to consume healthy foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, you only consume one type of fruit or overcook the vegetables. Therefore, your body lacks the nutrients it requires, and you become susceptible to various health conditions. Research shows that 87% and 76% of adults don’t consume enough vegetables and fruits. The recommended intake of veggies is 2-3 cups and 1.5-2 cups for fruits. Therefore to fix this gap, health experts recommend the use of multivitamins to supplement the nutrients needed in the body

Aging Healthily

When your body is deprived of essential nutrients today, it will incur numerous health issues in the future. As you grow old, the body weakens, and absorption of nutrients becomes challenging, yet it is at this point that your body requires more vitamins and minerals. Therefore taking a multivitamin each day will help avert such problems.

Good for your Heart

Incorporating multivitamins into your daily routine is good for cardiovascular health. Minerals such as magnesium and vitamins like B1, B2, and B6 help prevent and improve heart conditions. Moreover, supplements like Metasol can also help regulate blood circulation, thereby improving immunity and general heart health. That said, it is good to note that you don’t just take any multivitamin you come across; you need to carefully consider what your body is lacking and ensure it is of high quality.

Good for Pregnant women

When women are pregnant, they are prescribed several multivitamins by doctors because they help develop the foetus. They are recommended to take Folic Acid and vitamin D supplements. An expectant mother has to consume all the required foods because if the nutrients are less, the mother will be deprived to nourish the child. Similarly, multivitamins must be taken as described, or else they could harm the baby, particularly vitamin A.

Boosts Immunity

Vitamins are used to fight diseases by improving the immune system. Specifically, Vitamin C contains a strong antioxidant that is used to strengthen the immune system. Similarly, Vitamins E and D can also be used to boost the immunity of the body. Taking a daily dose of multivitamins ensures that your immune system remains protected. Similarly, supplements for zinc ionophores are also essential for boosting immune power.

To Get the Right Balance

Vitamins and Minerals are acquired through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, it is hard to consume all the required fruits and minerals needed by your body every day. Hence the need for multivitamins can also help provide the required nutrients.

Take away

Multivitamins are a guaranteed way to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs. They help to boost your immunity as well as prevent various diseases. While a daily dose of a multivitamin is crucial, it is important to consult physicians to determine your body’s needs. Multivitamins are supplemental; therefore, it is essential to consume all groups of foods in the required amount, to lead a long healthy life.

Infographic Provided By Boston Analytical