If you write a mountain bike, that tells people a lot about you. It says to people that you enjoy fitness. It tells people that you like the outdoors. It even can tell people that you typically enjoy the concept of environmental friendliness. After all, without a natural environment, where would you ride your mountain bike?

Because of this, you can safely say that most people who mountain bike will appreciate environmentally friendly activities that keep their general interests alive and kicking. Several examples illustrate this point. First of all, utilizing solar power at your home means that you’re environmentally friendly. 

Choosing to eat in an environmentally sustainable manner, in other words being a vegan, is also something that a lot of mountain bikers will decide to do. And finally, people who enjoy mountain biking typically are more prone to appreciate outdoor workouts versus being in a gym, and there are environmentally friendly aspects of that as well.

Solar Power

Setting up solar power at your home is the mark of an intelligent, forward-thinking individual. The sun is a vast resource – why wouldn’t you want to use it as a big battery? Knowing that you’re saving money on your electricity bills each month, you can use that extra cash to purchase accessories for your mountain bike! This is always a fun way to think about the transactional analysis of money and energy savings.


Choosing to be a vegan is a big deal in someone’s life. But, if you’re attempting to have the smallest carbon footprint possible and you also want to keep your health up because you enjoy riding your bike, eating a vegan diet is a huge step in the right direction. In some cases, vegan people take it too far and are continually trying to preach to people about their lifestyle. For your sake, keep your habits to yourself and enjoy the health benefits without getting on people’s nerves.

Outdoor Workouts Vs. Gyms

As far as environmentally friendly workouts go, what do you think the difference is between an outdoor workout like riding your bike on a trail and an indoor workout like exercising in a gym? If you think about the resources that have to be used to create a gym environment, you’ll recognize right away that using your natural energy out in a natural space is a much more environmentally sound way to give your muscles a good workout.

Especially because so much of mountain biking is done out in beautiful and natural landscapes, it’s no surprise that most people who regularly ride their bikes are often concerned about the environment and want to do everything that they can to maintain this beautiful planet for future generations.