Cycling is one of the most popular pastimes across the world – as well as being an important and much-used form of transport for commuters in many countries – and these days, you can buy a quality bike for surprisingly little outlay. Mountain bikes are among the most popular type of bike now, as they are very versatile. They feature light but durable frames and sometimes even suspension, and are designed for both off-road and normal use. The only problem is that bikes – especially mountain bikes thanks to their popularity – are a target for thieves, so let’s have a look at five essentials for keeping your mountain bike safe.

Lock it Away – when not in use, make sure your bike is locked away in a safe and secure place. Whether that is your garage or a shed, you need to make sure it is out of sight, and that the garage has adequate security measures. It’s all to quick and easy for a thief to simply pick up an unprotected bike and ride away – and they will!

Never Leave It Unattended – even for a few moments; don’t be tempted to just pop into the shop and buy what you need. As we said above, it takes seconds for someone to simply pick up your bike and ride away, so you only need your back turned for that long. If you do need to leave it unattended, and let’s face it you might want to stop at a pub or café for lunch and a refreshing drink during your ride – make sure you lock it, which brings us to…

Get a Good Lock – you really need a solid bike lock, and there are many different types and styles to choose from, with something to suit every budget. You need one that will fully immobilise the bike, and that is portable and easy to carry when not in use, and we found a great review of the 10 best bike locks at, a site with some truly excellent consumer reviews. They have reviews of household goods, gadgets and more, and you will find it a very useful site indeed – well worth a visit for cycling and travelling accessories.

Fit a Tracker – not the cheapest of options, but if you have an expensive bike, you can fit a tracker, just as they fit to cars. This allows the police to find out where your bike is if it is stolen, and is a sensible option for more valuable bikes.

Be Vigilant – even if your bike is locked and safely in the garage, be vigilant; there are always opportunists who will target a property with the intention of stealing whatever they can sell, so if you see anyone acting suspiciously, report it to the police. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

There you go, five essential tips to protecting your beloved bike, and each of which will add to the security of your precious vehicle. All we can say now is happy cycling, and stay safe!